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Privilege And Corruption, Handmaidens Of Power

     So the vile paedophile child abuse in "high" places keeps trickling out. It seems another overlooked file has been found, giving us four names. Of course they are all dead, it would seem that we only discover "mislaid" files after the people concerned have died. The names of the four in this "recently discovered" file are former Cabinet minister Leon Brittan, Peter Morrison, who was an aide to Margaret Thatcher, ex-diplomat Sir Peter Hayman and former minister William van Straubenzee. Hayman, Morrison and Brittan were all products of the Oxbridge sausage factory, while Straubenzee was from that other establishment where rich people dump their kids, The Royal College of St. Peter in Westminster. This establishment was recently in the news regarding one of its senior teachers and sexual abuse of pupils. 
Sir Peter Hugh Morrison, From wikipedia:
Investigative journalist Nick Davies reported in The Guardian that Morrison received a caution for cottaging with underage boys in public lavatories.[10] Former Conservative minister Edwina Currie stated that Morrison regularly had sex with 16-year-old boys – whilst the legal age of consent (for same-sex relations) at the time was 21.[11] In 2002, Currie described Morrison as a "notable pederast".[12]  
Sir Peter Hayman, From wikipedia:
In October 1978, Hayman left a package of paedophilia-related materials on a London bus. The police traced the package and discovered that Hayman, under the pseudonym "Peter Henderson", had used an apartment in Bayswater, London, to conduct obscene correspondence. In the apartment, police found 45 diaries describing six years of "sexual fantasies" concerning children and activities with prostitutes, articles of female clothing and obscene literature. He was investigated by police but released without charge after being given a warning not to send obscene material through the post.[7][8]
In 1981, Private Eye magazine revealed this event. Then, using parliamentary privilege, MP Geoffrey Dickens asked why Hayman had not been prosecuted.[9][10] The Attorney General's reply indicated that, while Hayman had been found to have received pornographic material through the post, it was not of an extreme nature, was non-commercial and in a sealed envelope, so did not warrant prosecution.[11]
In April 1981 Sir Michael Havers, the Attorney General, said in parliament that, while Hayman was a member of the Paedophile Information Exchange, he was never a member of the executive committee, so was not prosecuted as others were for publishing contact advertisements.[12][13] In 1984, Hayman was convicted for an act of gross indecency in a public lavatory.[1][9]
Sir William Van Staubenzee, From wikipedia:
He was a keen churchman and served as Second Church Estates Commissioner (dealing with Anglican Church matters in the House of Commons) from 1979 to 1987.
In government documents released in July 2015, he is named in connection to child sexual abuse.[2]
Leon Brittan, From wikipedia:
     In 1984, in his capacity as Home Secretary, Brittan was handed a 40-page dossier by Geoffrey Dickens MP that detailed alleged paedophile activity in the 1980s at Westminster.[26] The whereabouts of the dossier is currently unknown, along with other files on organised child abuse previously held by the Home Office.[26] Brittan denied any knowledge of the incident in an e-mail to a Channel 4 News reporter in 2013,[27] and later replied that he had no recollection of the matter to a query from The Independent newspaper.[28] Brittan later declared in 2014 that Dickens had met him at the Home Office and that he had written to Dickens on 20 March 1984, explaining what had been done in relation to the files.[27]
      So, as they say in certain places, all four had form!! Of course all dead, are we offered up these morsels of depravity in an attempt to create the impression that all the bad men are dead, and the living group of parasites are all squeaky clean? We do have one living member of that bunch of corrupt hypocrites named, one Lord Janner, however, he is stated to be too sick to stand trial.
      These are the people who decide what shape our lives should take, from their gilded cage, these privileged, corrupt parasites dictate the quality of our lives, while abusing some of our most vulnerable children. We give them the power over our lives, we are governed by our consent, we can with draw that consent, and they are powerless. When do we start.
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