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July 14th. A Date For Your Diary In Glasgow.

Film Conversation, The Portal, Plantation Productions: 
6:30 for 7 on 14th July Film Length 36:17


       To increase understanding and encourage participation in helping to build local institutions where research can be shared, discussed and developed with others.
       So we had our first volunteer session along side the film night. It was a nice summer evening, so we weren’t expecting a big crowed. The folk who did turn up had a wide variety of perspectives, which is ideal. An important part of the process of this kind of research work is that we are all coming at it from different sets of experiences, where the teacher and learner are inter changeable. Where the more experienced in different aspects and topics can be the less experienced in others.
    We found local volunteers, even family members who spanned a wide understanding of academic research and local life. Folk who do campaigning work, local men's group, some visitors to the city, a few students and some other local people with a general interest. We are also receiving enquiries from Glasgow Volunteer network. So its all good there. This is how we hoped to start.
      The next film and conversation night we will be showing “Given to the People” The story that led up to GalGael’s beginnings. The conversation will be about how this group of people, even in the midst of protest and through what they were learning from the protest, were planning on how to sustain the energy of the protest to create a sustainable community institution, Galgael, which is now 20 years old. Gehan Mcleod will lead the open discussion and share some ideas. Topics could include, governance structures, using assemblies for decision-making and input ideas from the floor.
       It would be worth pointing out here, we will be using the Centre for Human Ecology office at the Pearce Institute as a drop in, on a Thursday starting this week from 1:00 to 4:00 and early evening for those who work and cant get to events. Or other times by appointment if you email or phone. It is important to meet folk face to face, pop in for a chat.

Next volunteer session will be posted soon: See website

Phone: 07811 263 923

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