Friday, 12 May 2017

Create A Storm.

Dear reader,
Can you click? Do you care about the health of the Internet?
If you answered yes, then we want to recruit you for a special mission. We're dropping airborne leaflets — millions of them — onto various governmental buildings across Europe, and we're inviting you to join in.
Why the special mission? Because outdated copyright law in the EU is threatening the health of the Internet.
Join the Paperstorm for copyright
The EU's current copyright framework — developed for a time before the Internet — can stymie innovation, preventing entrepreneurs from doing new and interesting things with data and code. It can stifle creativity, making it technically illegal to create, share and remix memes and other online culture and content. And it can limit the materials that educators and nonprofits like Wikipedia depend on for teaching and learning.
Of course, Mozilla doesn't own a fleet of zeppelins. And we like to conserve paper.
So we've teamed up with our friends at Moniker to bring you Paperstorm is a digital advocacy tool that urges EU policy makers to update copyright laws for the Internet age.
Why now? Copyright reform is at a critical juncture. Presently, lawmakers are considering a proposed revision of that copyright law. The amendments they are considering have the potential to make copyright law more Internet-friendly — or, conversely, more restrictive and rooted in the 20th century.
Alone, you might drop a handful of fliers, or perhaps a few hundred. But together, we can drop millions — and send a clear (and fun) message to EU policymakers.
The good news? We know lawmakers are listening. Some members of the European Parliament have been working diligently to improve the Commission's proposal, and have taken into account some of the changes we've called for, such as removing dangerous provisions like mandatory upload filters, and pushing back against extending copyright to links and snippets.
But many others need to be convinced to support a modern copyright reform that empowers creators, innovators and Internet users.
If you support common-sense copyright law in the EU — and a healthier Internet — join the #paperstorm today.
Thanks for all you do to support sensible copyright reform!

Will Easton

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  1. I have clicked several times on "get started", but a popup tells me that "An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped".

  2. I have just tried it again and it seems to work better if you click the leaflet image. I can't explain the problem. Hope that works.