Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Has Summer Arrived???

        Well, well, whatever happened to our weather, blue skies and 16 degrees, pity about the 16mph wind. The sun made me think of Aberfoyle, so that's where I headed, it is an easier ride home that it is on the outward journey, more long incline drags, as you gain height to about Ward Toll, then you get some nice runs down towards Aberfoyle. So naturally that 16mph wind was in my face on the run out, but gave me a wee push back home on the easier stretch. Still a wonderful afternoon. The sun brought out all manner of cyclists in all shapes and sizes of bikes, but the Lycra clad brigade in their light weight bikes, out numbered the rest. I now accept that they will pass me at regular intervals, usually with a "Hi" as they with their young legs and lungs zip along the road.
       Last year after a run that was meant to end in Aberfolye, but was foiled, I posted about the pipes that run from Loch Katrine to supply Glasgow with its fresh water, and how the road at Ballot Toll  was closed, as where the pipes cross the road at that point, there seemed to be problem, as it was all supported by steel columns across the road. Well it seems that it is still a problem, though the road is open in a controlled single line traffic arrangement, with height restrictions on vehicles, the pipes still look in a precarious condition. Perhaps the fresh water supply to a major city is not a priority.
        Liz MacGregor's is a pleasant watering hole when visiting Aberfoyle. Good soup, nice cakes and not expensive.
        The might River Forth that ends up entering the North Sea on the east coast at Edinburgh, starts its life in these parts. Here it is, just a little river, as it winds its way through Aberfolye. 
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  1. The River Forth water as it passes through Aberfolye seems to be very clean and clear. They made me want to drink.

  2. It's sad, I used to drink from these rivers and stream but I gave up some years ago, with modern farming, too many pesticides, and fertilisers find there way into them, and it is certainly not at all clean between Kincardine and Rosythe.