Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Plundering The Common Goods.

         Once again our local councils play fast and loose with our property. East Dunbartonshire council has decided to sell another part of our heritage, Thomas Muir’s Huntershill House, Thomas Muir was Scottish radical, world known, from the 1700’s. Apart from its historical value, this is a large house, B listed, it is in a poor state of repair, probably deliberately by the council’s neglect. It stands in a considerable piece of land, and what is more, the house and land is Common Goods Property. As far as I am aware it has been sold for £147,000, house and grounds. This in an area where houses sitting in land less than half the size of this plot sell for more than £250,000. No doubt the developer will be rubbing their hands with glee, as they make their way to the bank with the proceeds of their windfall, courtesy of the East Dunbartonshire Council.
 Thomas Muir's House at Huntershill.

            At a meeting of the council’s Development and Regeneration Committee in January, it was agreed to sell Huntershill House and its immediate surrounding land to Brian Thomas Gray (trading as “E & R Properties”) for redevelopment as a care home and relative offices.
          In a letter to Thomas Dibble, secretary of Bishopbriggs Community Council, EDC’s legal department wrote: “As the council considers this property to form part of the Bishopbriggs Common Good, a petition has been raised at Glasgow Sheriff Court to seek the court’s permission to proceed with the sale - as is required in terms of Section 75(2) of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.”
           Members of the public have 21 days to raise an objection to the plan and the court hearing has been set for 
Friday, March 13. Thomas Glen, East Dunbartonshire Council’s director of development and regeneration, said: “East Dunbartonshire Council’s Development and Regeneration Committee agreed at a meeting on January 28 to progress with the sale of Huntershill House and associated land.
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Mr Brian Gray
E&R Property Company Ltd
4 Eaglesham Road
G76 7BT

Deborah Lauder
Oakshaw Architectural Design Ltd
Flat 9 Oakshaw Court
62 Oakshaw Street West
United Kingdom

Case Officer East Dunbartonshire Council
Max Wilson
0141 578 8637
Historic Scotland Louisa Humm

Planning report:

     Heritage appraisal did not take into account the radical history element. Stasia comment.
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  1. "I may be doomed to ascend the scaffold. Nothing can deprive me of the recollection of the past; nothing can destroy my inward peace of mind, arising from the remembrance of having discharged my duty." Thomas Muir