Tuesday, 23 May 2017

I Will Not Choose My Master.

       They are still at it, that babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media, they are trying to turn this "competition of liars", known as an election, into some sort of really exciting drama. "Will the nation forsake Labour because of Corbyn", "has UKIP died", "Who will win, strong stable waffling May, or uncouth, scruffy Corbyn", "Will Labour find a sprint finish, or is the Tories lead to big". Election after election we are spewed upon by the babbling brook of bullshit's army of "experts", all suffering verbal diarrhoea as the fill the air with their candy-floss and bubble gum garbage of personal speculation. They are trying hard to convince you that you are in charge, by running an putting your little cross on that piece of paper, you are running the country. In my 83 years I have been witness to a lot of elections, and here we are still trying to solve the problems of inequality, homelessness, child poverty, injustice, we are still sending our young to foreign lands to kill and to die, in the name of power and resources for the big corporate beasts. What ever small gains we wrestle from the system, it eventually takes them all back. Here we are in the 21st. century and we are seeing the slashing of social services, wage freezes/cuts, working conditions being eroded, while the rich get richer on a daily basis. We have moved from Victorian poverty to Elizabethan food banks, from starvation wages and long hours to zero hours contracts and wageless workfare, that's the progress we have made by continuing with this farce of party political elections, the system stays the same. As has been said before, "If voting changed anything, they would make voting illegal". In my 83 years, I have never voted in an general election or a local council election, and this article from blasphegme coincides with my own position.
I don’t vote!

Source: https://blasphegme.noblogs.org/2017/04/je-ne-vote-pas/

        I don’t vote. Because I don’t want to choose a master, to choose who will decide in my place what’s right for me, who will force me to respect their choices, who will present those choices as my own. I don’t want the majority to determine the conditions of my servitude, I don’t want the cattle to build the fences that enclose them and select those who will rule over me as well, regardless of what I think.
       I don’t vote because I don’t want the world they force on us. I don’t recognize the idea of the nation, of peoples, or of citizenship, because states always manage to construct identities that give the illusion of a unified population. My nationality, the language I speak, and the colour of my skin in no way determine who I am, and I don’t recognize the borders of the state in which chance saw me born. In the same way, I don’t want to hear about any “common good”, because I don’t want to be part of any community – I don’t want to be bound to anyone and I want to choose those with whom I build my life.
        I don’t vote because I don’t want to give power to the hypocrites who present themselves as something they’re not, trying to nourish our illusions to the point where waking from them is painful. I don’t want a world where I’m just a pawn in a chess game played between cunning strategists who use my credulity to trample my individuality in service of their sly interests, in their frenzied quest for power and domination.
         I don’t vote because I want to live in a world without masters or slaves. And such a desire will never fit into a ballot box. Instead, I want to take charge of my life and push myself to create it while revolting against the existing order and the misery it imposes on lives everywhere.

I will never abdicate my freedom!

Rather revolt than the passivity of the vote!
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  1. I agree that there are fundamental flaws with the system that do not change and won't with our current system. I also agree that often we get glimmers of good things and progress only for a subsequent government to take them away however encouraging not voting is dangerous if not done properly. Not voting is only an option if there is a platform for it. We need the NHS etc. To tide use over whilst we push for deeper changes to the whole system so voting can be effective, in the short term, if done in unison with meaningful action toward large change. Whereas if there was a mass of nine voting then thousands would lose the few shreds that government gives them and would likely suffer and die because of it.