Tuesday, 9 May 2017

What If World Capitalism Collapsed Tomorrow??

         Any rational observer of the world today is aware that capitalism is the dominant force, and it is a destructive force. Its only aim is growth, growth in the power of the corporate world. There is no future for humanity if the capitalist system is allowed to continue its relentless drive for ever more wealth and power to the lords and masters of the system. Capitalism has no compassion, no country, its policy of wars for power and resources creates a sea of deprivation, and in that sea swims all manner of misery and debauchery where the deluded and the desperate feed of each other in a desperate struggle for survival, compassion and humanity are constantly stained with the blood of the poor. Today we are witnessing raw, brutal capitalism in all its savagery. If we agree that the present economic system of capitalism must be destroyed, how do we save humanity, in its collapse, how do we shape the new world and guarantee its healthy birth, how do we stop the old malignant malaise from being re-born?

        We have witnessed a beginning, the birth of a new age of revolt and upheaval. In North Africa and the Middle East it took the people a matter of days to topple what were supposedly entrenched regimes. Now, to the west, multiple crises are etching away at a ‘democratic consensus’ that has, since the 1970s, plagued and suppressed any sparks of revolutionary potential.
         But what is to be done in the aftermath of a regime’s demise? How do we prevent any power from restoring itself? How do we create the irreversible? How do we reorganize society without a central authority? How do we survive? Neither a leadership reshuffle, in the guise of constitutional process, nor a transition period between a capitalist social order and a communist horizon will do.

        Full book in zine form, with revisions by IWE. We think it’s a good moment to return to this text with fresh eyes. It offers a helpful frame for re-launching strategic discussions in a time of widespread political disaffection.

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  1. Thanks for the book, from him I extract this quote:

    "To say that the resulting system is cynical, unjust and brutal is not enough. To protest, demonstrate or petition is to accept by implication that improvements are possible in the face of the crisis. But what is called ‘the crisis’ is an essential political tool for management of the productive population as well as of those surplus to requirements. The discourse of crisis has spread in all the industrial countries and is constantly relayed by the media and the state apparatuses. ‘Combating the crisis’ and ‘waging war on terror’ naturally go hand in hand, both being based on the same elemental refex, the fear of chaos".

    I do not agree to apply the term "crisis" to what, in my opinion, is a clear "attack" from the powerful to the exploited. Some say that the crisis is a scam, others say it is a trap and others say it is a robbery, but it is simpler: it is an attack. And it is better for us to understand it as such because otherwise we will be caught unawares.
    It is time to dismiss the euphemisms with which the ruling class seeks to cajole us.

  2. "The crisis" "war on terror" "national emergency" are not incidents that pop up in capitalism, they are mechanisms necessary for the continuation of the system, they are part and parcel of the system of control and exploitation. While keeping us focused on the "crisis" etc. we miss the real target, the system under which we live. By now we should all understand, the system can not be reformed, or modified towards justice and equality, it has to be destroyed.