Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Our Struggle Must Be Multi-Pronged.

        Greece is a country that seems to have dropped out of fashion as far as that babbling brook of bullshit, our mainstream media is concerned. That doesn't mean that nothing is happening there, the people of Greece have been put through the shredder of the capitalist system by its bully-boys, the financial Mafia. You will get the odd report about the 50% youth unemployment, 25% unemployment nationally, other facts like massive rise in suicides, families sleeping rough, disintegrating health service, collapsing eduction system, and unprecedented rise in home repossessions, will slip through as not that relevant.
       However, the people of Greece are not sitting back weeping and waiting for the "good times" to return. Across the country there are bitter struggles taking place, occupations, self-help, autonomous spaces, strikes, and constant attacks on the institutions of the corporate world and the festering edifice that is the Greek state. Anarchists in Greece are many, and varied in their approach to bring about the demise of the economic system that has, plundered their land and brutally assaulted its people, and continues to do so. 
       One group in Greece that has constantly been at the forefront of the struggle to break the yoke of the cancerous system of capitalism, is "Revolutionary Struggle", they have just produced  a paper giving some extracts from letters, texts and communiques, from the last three years. Well worth a read.
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