Saturday, 20 May 2017

We Can Do It Ourselves.

     Who said people can't manage to look after themselves, that they need a hierarchical structure with the leader at the top? Time an time again in tragic circumstances, emergencies, and disasters, the ordinary people prove, they are very capable and willing to get things sorted out. So let's grasp that fact and start to take control of our society, which at present is a disaster for the ordinary people, much like a sinking ship, and sort things out to the benefit of all our people. Thanks Loam for the video link.

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  1. If only the world understood your reflection and act accordingly...

  2. Unfortunately us taking care of ourselves is not in the best interests of the power bases of governments and big business.

  3. This is true, but why must we think of what is in the best interests of governments and big business? Can't we think of what is in the best interests of the ordinary people?