Thursday, 4 May 2017

Red And Black Song Club.

        There's a new voice in town, at the moment I believe it is just a whisper, but has the potential to become a roar. When I say  a "new voice", well really it's an old voice, it's a voice of struggle, a voice of people's desire for freedom and equality, a desire for justice. It is in fact the Red and Black Song Club, they will be trying to fill your hearts with tales of past struggles, with hope, with solidarity and camaraderie. So pop along and have a listen, or better still, lend your voice, join in.
      You'll find them every, 1st. and 3rd. Thursday of the month, at 7pm. in the Glasgow Autonomous Space, Kilbirnie Street, (near West Street subway).
         The Red and Black Song Club is exactly what it sounds like- a song club for the radical left. We meet up on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month to sing, celebrate and keep alive radical left-wing music from the past and present.
       You don't need any musical experience- just a love of radical songs of working class struggle, anti-fascism and solidarity.
        Other musical instruments are more than welcome too!

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