Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Capitalism A Failed System.

       There are lots of methods by which you can asses that capitalism is a failed system. Probably the greatest indictment against the system is its continuous wars, wars are just an ongoing aspect of capitalism. It is always there in some form or other in some part of the world, with all its attendant features of misery, trauma, death, destruction, and massive profits to the corporate world. 

       Another measure of its failure is its gross inequality, from state to state, you have opulence and deprivation living side by side. In this insane system, since money is the main ingredient in the quality of your life, you have to prostitute yourself as a productive unit to some corporate body, or live in poverty. However even here they system fails, by being unable to to allow everybody the necessity of being a productive unit, it functions by leaving a pool of individuals with no means of survival except charity or some form of miserable state hand out.
      The EU is one of the worlds most developed capitalist power blocks, but even here, unemployment is rife, which in turn means poverty and deprivation are endemic. The EU is a rich capitalist enclave of 511.8 million people, with the vast majority of its members states having unemployment above 13%, the EU average is 7.3%, that is approximately 40 million people excluded from the possibility of a decent standard of living in the midst of a very rich enclave.
       More than 117 million people across EU member countries (or 23.4% of the population) were living at risk of poverty in 2016, according to the Eurostat statistics agency.

     Of course the unemployment average doesn't tell the true story. Looking at figures in individual member states, you start to see the real horror of being dumped as "surplus to requirements".
        Greece leads the field in having the largest percentage of unemployed with a staggering 20.7% of its population dumped as "surplus to requirements", Spain following close behind with 16.4%, Cyprus 11.3%, and Italy 10.8%, and so it goes on.
       If you happen to be among the youth of this very rich bastion of capitalism, the EU, then you are in an even more precarious state than the population at large. The EU average for youth unemployment is 16.1%. If we look at individual states within the EU, then we see the real plight of the youth of this vast rich corporate body. Once again, leading the charge at destroying the next generation by killing off their potential, Greece is at the front with 40.8% of its youth dumped in that "surplus to requirements" category. Spain next with 36.8%, Italy with 32.2%, Cyprus 25%, Croatia 24.5%, France 22.3%, Portugal 22.1%, Finland 19.9%, and on it goes. That is 8 countries in the very rich EU, with approximately a quarter or more of the youth population unemployed, a quarter of its youth population facing daily poverty and deprivation and a monumental struggle to survive. Unless otherwise stated, all the above figures are for 2017.
     Surely that is cause enough to state unequivocally that capitalism has failed and failed miserable to see to the needs of the people. It is a destructive, unfair, unjust, corrupt, exploitative system that grossly over benefits a small army of parasites to the great disadvantage of the many. Its total destruction is the only way to resolve the problems it has created.
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