Tuesday, 27 March 2018

NATO, Western Imperialism's Nuclear War Machine.

        NATO is held up as the defender of democracy, but in fact it is nothing more than the war machine of the Western imperialist corporate juggernaut. State financed by our tax money, it is a wonderful customer of the arms industry, feeding billions of pounds into their coffers.
     Its main duty is to safeguard Western imperialism's resources, plundered from various part's of the globe. Also it is there to snatch valuable resources it feels will benefit the corporate power mongers of the West, and to maintain the West's strangle hold on the world's economy.
     It comprises of 29 nation states, I say nation states, simple because not all the population of those nations states are in favour of this nuclear armed war machine. Each of the member states have continuous protests against its existence. Some of the member states were dragged in kicking and screaming from their population.
      Iceland saw mass demonstrations on the announcement that they would become part of this war machine:
        The Icelandic NATO riot of 30 March 1949 was prompted by the decision of Alþingi, the Icelandic parliament, to join the newly formed NATO, thereby involving Iceland directly in the Cold War, opposing the Soviet Union and re-militarizing the country.
The protesters first convened behind a school in the centre of Reykjavík and then marched on Austurvöllur, a small park in front of the parliament building, where a throng of people had already arrived positioning themselves between the parliament and the rioters, intending to defend it.
        At first the demonstrators were calm, but when a leading member of the Socialist Party announced over a loudspeaker that the leader of his party was held hostage inside the Parliament building, things became violent.
        Rocks were tossed at the building, some breaking the windows and one narrowly missing the head of the Parliamentary president, until the Reykjavík police force, aided by volunteers from the Independence Party intervened, beating rioters down and eventually launching tear gas grenades at the rioters.
No official estimate exists of the number of participants, but photographic evidence clearly shows that thousands of people were present.

       The NATO bombing of Yugoslavia was a military operation against the Serbian people and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) during the Kosovo War. It was the first time that the organisation used military force without the approval of the UN Security Council. The air strikes lasted from March 24 to June 10, 1999.

       Those sitting in the marble halls of power, making the decisions, as how and when their war machine should move into action, are, as usual, not the ones that will do the fighting, and dying. That part of the plan falls on the ordinary citizens. Some, foolishly, will do the bidding of the lords and masters of the war machine, others will be at the receiving end of the slaughter. The spoils of the bloodshed will, of course, not be shared by those who did the dirty part of the plunder and slaughter, it all goes to the CEOs of that greed driven Western capitalist juggernaut.

      If world peace is what you desire, you will have to see NATO as part of the problem, you have to think of how to eliminate nation states, and their war machines, dismantle capitalism, and replace it with a sustainable system of mutual aid, based on the needs of all our people, freed from the profit motive.
      States, power blocks, and an economic system of greed and exploitation, can only deliver war and inequality.
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