Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Invisible People.

       The "refugee crisis" in Europe, or should that be stated as the "fruits of Western foreign policy" has not evaporated, though by the silence of our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, on this matter, you might get the impression that somehow all those fleeing the West "building democracy" in the Middle East had all been suitable accommodated. 
      Of course the truth is a different story, countless thousands of innocent people are still fleeing, death and destruction, the mayhem and misery, of the West "building democracy" in the Middle East. From all across northern Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan, a constant stream families and individuals struggle across borders, facing unimaginable horrors, in an attempt to live in peace, to seek somewhere to live a normal life. They are meet with resistance from states across Europe, who treat them like cattle, non-persons, a dangerous group that has to be controlled, but have no rights. Their plight is at the mercy of the vagaries of authoritarianism. However, they are still there, teachers, shopkeepers, plumbers, factory workers, children, elderly, infirm, all with one aim, to live with their family in safety and decency, something the West is not prepared to grant.
       It might seem obvious to most people, that building democracy with bombs doesn't work, but our lords and masters, still spin the lie, that is what they are about.   
This from Enough is Enough:  
         In Sarajevo, mostly locals are helping to all those who are arriving daily. Every kind of help is needed medical, food, clothes, shoes…Volunteers are needed too, including doctors or nurses. If you can come to Bosnia, please get in touch with Are You Syrious.

Originally published by Are You Syrious.
    Full update on situation in Sarajevo

       On Friday evening, over 40 people entered Bosnia from Serbia, mostly families with children. For now, all of them have been placed in a local hostel paid for by the local volunteers in Sarajevo, but soon they will be moved to Delijas, the only existing asylum center. They will be forced to stay at this center in the mountains, where they are not given adequate food or any kind of help, far from the city. It is a twelve-kilometer walk to the closest gas station where they have a phone and an internet signal. No volunteers are allowed into this center.
       Nevertheless, groups of local and international volunteers are trying to help all the people who are arriving daily in Sarajevo. Several hundreds are now on the streets since no shelter has been provided by the government, UNHCR or any organization that exists in the country. The only available help is coming from the small, local groups of international volunteers.

Two groups that are working in Sarajevo need your help.

       One is, a local charity that supports volunteers in the field. The volunteers are working to provide accommodation for all, giving priority to the mostly vulnerable people. So far they are taking care of about 300 people, but many are still on the streets.
      Locals are also providing food, medical help, clothing and everything else. But they desperately need help to continue working, while the number of people who are arriving is increasing every day.

You can help by donating to
Name of the bank: Intesa Sanpaolo Banka BiH
IBAN: BA39 1541802008533048
Receiving: Udruženje “”, dr. Fetaha Bećirbegovića br. 8, 71000 Sarajevo
Purpose: help for refugees

If you want to send financial support from Austria:
IBAN: AT64 2011182266475400
Wien, Oestereich

        If you want to volunteer in Bosnia, please get in touch through the AYS inbox on Facebook. Experienced volunteers only.
     The other group (Warning Facebook Link) are international volunteers who are working at a private property with a local family who has offered shelter for about 80 single men. But every day new people are arriving and they are struggling with financing food, blankets, and other essential items.
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