Monday, 26 March 2018

The Viciousness Of Austerity.

       What do you call a state that deliberately and continuously administers violence on its population? Certainly the word democracy is completely out of place. The British state, like most states across the globe, rolls out policies that cause early deaths, stunts the potential of youth, throws thousands onto the homeless list, increases trauma, stress and anxiety. It pushes policies that lead to poverty, deprivation and in many cases, suicide. Creates communities where food-banks are an essential means of survival. All this takes place under the banner of the innocuous word "austerity". The true viciousness of austerity is hidden behind a flood of propaganda, misinformation and downright lies. It is also put forward as a beneficial policy to all of us, creating stability, and future prosperity. Lies, lies and more lies, but not innocent lies, vicious, deliberate lies created to hide the real extent of the cruelty of the ideology that is pursued to enrich and protect the already rich and powerful, to protect a system of greed and exploitation.  

      Leading this smokescreen of illusion and subterfuge, this tsunami of propaganda, is our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media. Peddling petty pulp, blurring the vision of the ordinary people with a web of misinformation, inane articles and sensationalizing the mediocre. Without their smoke and mirrors the illusion would be impossible.
        The viciousness of austerity may not reported or be seen in our babbling brook of bullshit, but to the vast majority of this country, it is most certainly felt. Universal Credits, and welfare cuts, silently move across the land like an invisible thief, taking years off the lives of the vulnerable, snatching the future from the young, disappearing social services, lay the fearful stifling hand of trauma, anxiety, and stress on the millions of struggling ordinary people. The silent hand of vicious austerity, in the guise of suicide, visits the homes of those broken by it incessant grinding force.

       This onslaught against the most vulnerable and the poorest in our communities under the banner of austerity, will leave a scar for generations, and it is all a deliberate pushing of an ideology of dispossessing the poor to enrich the wealthy and powerful. It will continue as long as we tolerate the present system of capitalism. To stem the flow of this viciousness against the ordinary people, we have to come together and demolish its root cause, an economic system based on greed and exploitation, that rewards the rich and powerful, we have to bring an end to capitalism, we have to wake up and see this cancerous capitalist system as humanities darkest hour.

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