Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Israeli Apartheid Support Thwarted In Glasgow.

      Saturday in Glasgow was a very wind and bitterly cold day, despite this, approximately 1,500 brave individuals faced up to the vicious weather to take part in Glasgow's anti-racism march and rally. Perhaps the organisers would like to explain why COFIS, (Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland) was allowed to join the march? This is a group that openly supports the violent racist Israeli state and its Zionist forced apartheid, a state where non Jews are second class citizens. Why was the national flag of this openly racist state allowed to be carried at an anti-racist march? This was a slap in the face to the Palestinian people, from the organisers of this march.
        I was delighted to see that a considerable number of people thought the same as me on this matter, and had managed a well organised and very efficient counter demonstration, managing to isolate the COFIS group, and their Israeli flags, from the main march. They contained and delayed the COFIS group to such an extent that by the time that the racist COFIS group reach George Square for the rally and speeches, the rally had already dispersed. Well done to each and everyone that took part in that real anti-racist counter demonstration.
     I thought the symbolic Israeli racist wall had a very powerful effect, forming a barrier between the racist COFIS and the pro Palestinian and other protesters. A strategy that could be employed to great advantage in other situations. Great idea comrades.
The "wall" that the COFIS had to march behind all the way to the Square.
COFIS being contained at the start of the march.
Some of those that helped contain and delay COFIS.
COFIS on their slow walk to the Square.
COFIS being being contained at the start of the march.
 Part of the main march reaching the Square, with COFIS a mile behind.
 Of course, no anti-racism march would be complete without them.
       No matter what blurb comes out from COFIS about this event, the true result of this counter demonstration is, that it was a complete success, they prevented this support group of racist Israel from attending the rally in George Square, a success for anti-racism.
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  1. Proud to have been there with you and the 'wall'.

  2. All who took part in that "wall" event should be proud, brilliant tactic efficiently executed.