Thursday, 15 March 2018

Paper Chained Two.

      Prisons are an anomaly in any free society, a scar on the face of a civilised community. No one who has ever been incarcerated in these cages of repression comes out unmarked, the scars can be deep and damaging. To express these emotions can be healing, but can also be informative to those who have never experienced the darkness of the state's repressive incarceration machine. So any avenue that gives an opportunity to those affected by this barbaric system, to reveal their feelings, their pain, their stories, has to be welcomed. The magazine Paper Chained has already produce one issue to this end, and is now seeking material for its second issue, from those affected by this inhumane state system of incarceration,
Call for Contributions – Paper Chained 2018 – Prison Writings Journal
        Paper Chained is a journal of writings and artistic expressions from individuals affected by incarceration. We are currently seeking contributions from prisoners, ex-prisoners and family members of prisoners for our second journal publication. Please circulate this callout throughout your networks.
         If you are currently in prison, have experienced time in prison or have a loved one in prison, we welcome your contributions to this journal! If you know somebody who might be interested in contributing, please pass this information on to them.
        Attached is an information sheet that can be printed and mailed to prisoners and a poster you are welcome to share on online media as well as print and display in your neighbourhood, workplaces, schools and other community hubs.
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