Saturday, 17 March 2018

We Are All Born Anarchists.

       In our continuous struggle for freedom and justice for all, we take inspiration from from those who have, unstinting, unwavering, given their lives to that cause. We take energy from their lives, we are honoured to take up the struggle, to carry the baton on to the next stage. Some of those who inspire us have lived a long and hard life,unrelenting in their desire for that better world. It is seldom that a child is the warrior that inspires us, but Javier Recabarren, was such a child, born in poverty but courageous in is battles against injustice, at the young age of 11, on March 18th 2015, he was killed  on the street where he fought many of his battles, run over by a bus. 
        His life should re-enforce that belief that we are all born anarchists, it is the present society that attempts to shape and mould us, to fit into their neat little boxes, all the easier to control.

       We remember the young anarchist fighter Javier Recabarren, who died on the 18th of March 2015, after being run over by a bus from the company Transantiago.
         On the 18th of March our comrade Javier Recabarren died after being run over by a bus outside of his school. However, this 11 year old boy was no ordinary kid. Whoever crossed his path noticed his unshakeable desire for freedom.
He was a member of the “Animal collective: Raise your voice” and participated in extensive manifestations for animal liberation initiatives. He also regularly performed anarchist activities that involved practising revolutionary solidarity with our comrades in prison. Naturally, he was also involved in the Street Fights, fearlessly facing the police and burning flags of the United States. These actions led him to be detained by the bastards on several occasions.
        The war that Javier started is a clear sign to keep fighting against all forms of power and authority, along with continuing the fight for animal liberation and practising revolutionary solidarity in order to ensure that Javier’s vision prevails and transcends… This young fighter inspires us to maintain our chosen path towards total liberation.
¡¡Today we will give you a minute of silence… and a lifetime of fighting!!
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