Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Birth Of Freedom Is The Cure For The Capitalist Cancer.

      Night after night, news broadcast after broadcast, that babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media pour out about the death and destruction, by Assad and the Russian military machine. Somehow they manage to remain silent about the dictator Erdogan with his Western kitted out war machine, creating death and destruction around Afrin. It seems that to the babbling brook of bullshit, death and destruction in one part of the Middle East is acceptable, while death and destruction in another part is not. It is not that the West cares about the human misery, suffering and trauma, it is more a matter of how it fits into their power structures.
      What the people of Rojava and Afrin have been doing is building an alternative to the dominant capitalist structure, and that is unacceptable to the capitalist imperial powers, so they will sit back and let Erdogan satiate his bloodlust and build another slice to his empire. They may sort him out later, once he has done their dirty work, or they may just reward him by letting him keep his new plundered territory. 
        This death and destruction in Afrin and on to Rojava, will continue unless the people across the world stand up, come together and show their anger and determination to call a halt to this attempt to crush the will of the people, and stop this imperialist power grab.   

          Kurdish red crescent (Heyva Sor) Co-chair Jamila Hame in Afrin: ” Yesterday one of our teams were nearly killed. They tried to evacuate 5 killed civilians from the village Marate/ Afrin district. While arriving a Turkish warplane started to bomb that area 2 times. The crew left the car and hides in the surrounding till they finished the attack. We can’t work proper. If observation drones & warplanes flying we can’t move without also getting targeted. It’s really difficult and the whole world stays silent. Why?”
      Jamila Hame continues: “We provide first aid, help to distribute food, blankets, water, Milk for the children, there is a lack of medications. We are non-stop with the people. We send so much pictures of the warcrimes & brutality the people of Afrin are facing. But there is just silence. Why?”
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