Tuesday, 7 January 2020

An Early Invite.

        Anarchist bookfairs, festivals, gatherings are always welcome events. A great opportunity to meet up with new contacts and old comrades, a chance spread ideas learn new ones. To generate that feeling of solidarity and comradeship, feel you are among people you wish to work with, and with whom you hold the same basic ideals.
        So why not mark your calendar, and if you can get yourself to Vienna around the end of April 2020, you could enjoy all of the above and more.
Dear comrades!
        We want to invite you for the next ABC-Solidarity-Festival in Vienna starting at Thursday 23. to Sunday 26. April 2020.
          It would be great if you come to Vienna with your merch, books and info tables, workshops, bands, tattoo tools or other ideas how to participate at the festival. It is a great opportunity to get connected with comrades from all over Europe and to discuss several issues about our struggles, perspectives, projects and critics.
         If you want to offer a workshop or play with your band: Please contact us as soon as possible to fix the details – for the workshop you have normally two hours all in all. The workshops are on Friday or Saturday, starting at 1 in the afternoon. Have a look at the timetable of the last years:
        It would be a pleasure to see you in Vienna (of course you are very welcome also during the year).

All the best and warm hugs from us,
ABC Vienna

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