Friday, 3 January 2020

No Borders, No Prisons

       Detention centres, prisons, call them what you will, they are all state tools of repression, symbols of inhumanity, an abomination in any civilised society. Those who work in them are usually contaminated with the same DNA of the institutions that pays their wages. Who with a shred of humanity would want to be a guard over another human in a cage.
     This article is from Greece, but Greece is not alone in treating humans in this manner, we can all look a lot closer to home and find mirror situations. Migrants are one of the many state scapegoats, tools in the state's propaganda machine.

       Athens, Greek territory. On December 19, 2019, was our last visit to Petrou Ralli Detention Center. Once more the number of detainees had increased and reached no50 50 women from 15 different countries. Indonesia, Ethiopia, Albania, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iran, Italy, Cameroon, China, Tibet, Belarus, Nigeria, Somalia, Syria, and Turkey. In our effort to talk with them, some police officers were in such close proximity that prevented women to express themselves freely about situations they experience. The behavior of some officers was also provoking towards us.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

        A characteristic testimony: “When we came here they forbade us to wear our headscarves and told us:” Out of here you can be Muslim, here NO! Here you are Christians… “
        Another testimony: “A police officer invaded into the shower room, while a prisoner was bathing, and made her pull the towel…” At the time, the health of several of them was very bad. Despite our own pressure for two women to be transferred to a hospital as emergency cases, nothing really changed. Τhese women are still very sick. Also, there are no doctors during weekends and during the night time, at Petrou Ralli. On Christmas day we were informed by relatives of prisoners for possible initiation of a few women on hunger strike. The day after our visit they started writing their experiences in the following denunciation letter, where they describe them with their own voices. Experiences that we can simply only imagine. Women from six different countries asked their will for their letter to be publicized. When you have lost everything you do not fear anything.
        Their voices should be heard in the whole world. You can discuss it in your assemblies. The organizations and institutions that talk about human rights should stop fooling us and playing with the plight of migrants and refugees, who are led to extermination.
        We stand by and admire these women for their bravery and solidarity they show to each other…

No person illegal, no person invisible

     Our Rebel sisters are right for the abolition of detention centers and opening of Borders, for stopping illegal racist & misogynist behaviors, for smashing verbal, physical and mental torture

The passion for freedom is stronger than all kinds of prisons

In streets, in squares and prison cells, migrant women you are not alone

The House of Women, for the Empowerment & Emancipation
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