Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Battling To Freedom.


       The people of Chile continue their struggle to be free from the control and corruption of this capitalist system of greed. Of course those with the wealth and power have a lot to lose, so they hit back with brutal savagery, the people struggle on despite the militarised police and all the other parts of the state apparatus being launched against them.  
Video from arrezafe.

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  1. "Even at the price of widespread pauperization of billions of human beings, capitalism has no salvation. His internal contradictions will eventually throw him into the abyss. To make matters worse, it radically destroys the environmental conditions that allow the existence of the human species.

    Hence it is not so clear - that Bernard Maris postulated before he died at Charlie Hebdo - that there is a way out for Humanity.

    But that is another issue. For now we have identified the original cause of the disasters we are experiencing today. The planetary social explosion will not stop with rubber bullets."

    Luis Casado

  2. Deep inside I feel it is already too late. If not, it isn't going to happen with dialogue and persuasion. It will have to come quickly and it will happen only by a violent overthrow of the existing system. The leeches and parasites are not going to give up their wealth, power and privileges without a brutal fight, as we are witnessing in various countries across the planet.