Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Governed And Controled.

        For those who still believe we have democracy in Europe, they should open their eyes to the constant rise in police brutality, and the growing resistance to this aspect of authoritarian states. From Athens to Prague, from Paris to Leipzig, The police act with brutality and impunity against peaceful protests, gatherings of ordinary people and large celebrations by the public. Also the open attack on migrants and their mass detention in appalling conditions. None of these procedures equate with democracy, they are more akin to fascism. 
      Pick your territory and you will find these conditions in greater or lesser form, but they are always there. To be governed you must first be controlled and then subservient. Freedom, justice and equality don't fit with that formula.
       The following is a short extract from an article on police brutality in Leipzig which you can say mirrors what is happening in Exarcheia in Athens and elsewhere in today's world. 
From Enough is Enough:

        ------ In view of the increasing police violence, it would nevertheless be wrong to portray oneself as a victim. One should not complain about people being harassed, beaten, insulted by cops. Because we know that the police will always be on the side of the rich and powerful, and also on the side of fascism. This is shown sometimes more, sometimes less clearly.⁵ All people who fight for a better world, free from exploitation and oppression, are logically in conflict with the state power and its allies. And must therefore expect attacks by cops. We have no expectations and no demands on these pigs! We reject dialogue with them as long as they wear their uniforms and defend a system of injustice with brutality! Nevertheless, the increasing police violence should be addressed and we, as a movement, must think about how we can face it collectively and in solidarity.
      What was also to be seen on New Year’s Eve was that many people reacted in solidarity against the brutality and aggressiveness of the cops. Some of those who were arrested were liberated again, cops were put in their place when they tried to drag people out of the crowd and beat them up, even though unfortunately this was not always successful. In addition, many people took part in the attacks on the pigs. All this illustrates the increasing anger caused by the constant provocations of state authorities.-----
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