Sunday, 5 January 2020

Refuse and Resist.

         The latest Spirit of Revolt“Read of the Month", since it is coming at the beginning of a new year, its only fitting that it should come from one of our new collections the John Frew Collection, it is a news sheet of the anti-polltax movement Refuse and Resist. That period when the Thatcher government tried to impose the poll tax on the people of this country was one of mass protests and open rebellion, as the people stood firm against this grossly unjust tax. Their resolve, solidarity and organisation eventually won the day and the poll tax was scrapped.
     Why not dip into the John Frew Collection and enjoy some of your own fascinating history. While there you could go on to explore the multitude of local history from the Glasgow/Clydeside area and further afield, from the numerous other collections held in Spirit of Revolt.

 REFUSE AND RESIST: Read on line. 

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