Thursday, 16 January 2020

France Mass Protests.

The heads of Britain's richest benefit family out for a walk.

       Not much on mass protests and police brutality happening in France, from our bubble gum and popcorn media outlets, but they continue to spew out the drivel from the family squabbles of Britain's richest benefit family, the Windsors, as if it was earth shattering news about to alter our whole way life. While we, in our under heated homes with our underfed children, sit and wait with bated breath to see which road Harry and Meghan will take. Only when we know this will we be able to relax and get back to our subservient life.
      Meanwhile, in France a general strike has been in progress for 7 weeks. Started by transport workers it is now being joined by a wide spectrum of French society including lawyers and judges; and the dancers at the Paris Opera, among other professions. They have now joined up with the Yellow Vests, who have been on the streets protesting since December 5th. 2018.
       Naturally this has not been happening in a conciliatory manner, the state has unleashed it dogs onto the street, and they have treated the protestors with a brutal savagery typical of any authoritarian state. Beatings, tear gas, rubber bullets, random arrests and more, has been part of the state's response to the demands of the people. Obviously all this is not worth mentioning by our bubble gum and popcorn media with the people gasping for more on the gripping story of the Windsors. 

         "-----On one side, the Macron government has staked its legitimacy on pushing through this key “reform” intact, as a matter of principle, regardless of how unpopular it is. On the other side stand the striking railroad and transit workers, who are bearing the brunt of this conflict and have already sacrificed thousands of euros in lost pay since the strike began on December 5. After six weeks, they cannot accept the prospect of returning to work empty-handed, and they have set their sights high: withdrawal of the whole government project.
        This looks like a “now or never” situation. Moreover, it seems clear that the transport workers mean business. When the government — and the union leaders — proposed a “truce” in the transport strike during the sacred Christmas/New Year holiday period, the rank-and-file voted to continue the struggle, and their leaders were obliged to eat their words.
        Nor are the transport workers on their own, despite the inconvenience to commuters and other travelers. They have been joined by emergency-room nurses and doctors angered over lack of beds, personnel and materials; public school teachers protesting undemocratic and incomprehensible reforms to the national curriculum; lawyers and judges; and the dancers at the Paris Opera, among the other professions joining the strike.-----"
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