Sunday, 19 January 2020

Our Helping Hand.

       Have you received you “thank-you” letter from big business yet, no, me neither. Well I feel our generousity should at least by acknowledged. Figures are a bit out of date referring to 1012-13, but I don’t imagine much has changed since then.
       In year 2012-13 the government received from big business £41.3 billion in corporation tax receipts, but handed out £58.2 billion in grants, subsides and corporate tax benefits. Taxpayers, you and I, are handing out approximately £93 billion a year, that amounts to around more than £3.500 from each and every household in the UK, just to help big business along and swell their bank accounts. Figures from Guardian. 
Big business and government.
       -------Many of the companies receiving the largest public grants over the past few years previously paid little or zero corporation tax, the analysis shows. They include some of the best-known names in Britain, such as Amazon, Ford and Nissan. The figures intensify the pressure on George Osborne, the chancellor, just as he puts the finishing touches to his budget. At the heart of Wednesday’s announcement will be his plans to cut £12bn more from the social welfare bill.
       Yet that sum is less than the £14.5bn given to companies in direct subsidies and grants alone.------
--------In 2012, Amazon was attacked by MPs on parliament’s public accounts committee for avoiding UK tax. Yet in the same period, the online retailer was awarded £16.5m in grants by the administrations of Scotland and Wales to help build distribution centres. To link the Wales plant to the transport network, the Welsh assembly built the mile-long “Ffordd Amazon road” at an additional cost of £3m------
        We all know we are being shafted by big business, aided and abetted by the state’s business orientated ideology and the state’s stamp of legitimacy, so that makes it alright!! How many MPs have shares in these companies, how many have friends in high places in big business?The real question is not, do we know this, but why do we put up with it and when are we going to get rid of this systematic plundering of the poor. When the cupboard is bare!!
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