Saturday, 4 January 2020

Rationalism Or Insanity?

       What have we become, here we are almost a quarter way through the 21st. century and we, the supposed pinnacle of evolution, have a man sitting on the throne of the most powerful military power on earth, who is wrapped in the ignorant babble of fundamental religious nutters, who still believe in that invisible man in the sky, watch their faces and get worried. What's more in there stupidity, they are asking their supposed fair and just loving god, who is supposed to love all humanity, to make America the greatest nation on earth. Talk about twisted brains. If that wee man in the sky is up there, then I am asking him to deliver Trump and his band of deluded nutters to the nearest psychiatric hospital, as soon as possible.

      It isn't funny anymore, this is the man with his finger on the nuclear button  who doesn't take any advice but acts on impulse and on prods from people like Pompeo, who is a Christian fundamentalist who believes passionately in the "Rapture". What have we become, and what will we do?

Pinnacle of Evolution

There’s a crazy ape, who
by means of incredible intransigence
has mastered the art of carnage;
through dogged determination
in a ruthless rampage
raised the body-count beyond belief.
This crazy ape
creates the human chronicles
as a cruel callous calendar,
transforms our indulgent earth
into a primitive barbaric abattoir.
He struts across the land
with bumptious pride;
he’s destructive, he’s devious,
demands dominion
planet wide.
His claim to fame,
history immortalised in rivers of blood.
Even so,
this crazy ape called man, believes
he’s the GODS’ sublime solution,
progress’s perfection,
the pinnacle of evolution.

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