Saturday, 3 October 2020

A Shed.

        Derek Mahon, (Born November 23rd. 1941, Belfast-Died October 1st. 2020 Cork.) poet, weaver of words, shaper of thoughts, profuse in output, honours in multitudes, a man who turned words into artists paint brushes and saw life in all its facets as his pallete, has just recently died. My humble tribute to this magician of words is to post the last verse of his poem
 A Disused Shed in Co, Wexford: 
They are begging us, you see, in their wordless way,
To do something, to speak on their behalf
Or at least not to close the door again.
Lost people of Treblinka and Pompeii!
‘Save us, save us,’ they seem to say,
‘Let the god not abandon us
Who have come so far in darkness and in pain.
We too had our lives to live.
You with your light meter and relaxed itinerary,
Let not our naive labours have been in vain!’



Wikipedia: Derek Mahon, Moscow 2010.

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