Tuesday, 6 October 2020

I Believe.

       Wouldn’t we have a more sane and honest society if all those religious believers in positions of power would declare their beliefs before asking us to trust them with making decisions that will affect our lives. Since we live in a so called Christian country, I refer to those believing Christians that sit in the corridors of power holding sway over our lives. Before standing for office they should perhaps start with, “I believe there is a man in the sky and I talk to him on a regular basis and he guides me in my decisions”, “I believe that a man was crucified and died, then some days later rose up and spoke to us, before floating up in the sky.” “I believe that a virgin woman gave birth to a son, and he went on to raise the dead.” “I believe that a woman who looked back at where she was running from and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt.”. Now that you know my true beliefs, will you vote for me to have power over decisions that will seriously impact on you and your loved ones?
     Instead of this honesty, they shroud their true beliefs in platitudes of morality and ethics, talk of making rational decisions and following the science. Of course Christians are not alone in this duplicity, it is part and parcel of all those in power who hold to any one of a myriad of fantasies called religious faiths. Of course there are a few in power who more open and honest believers, like Mike Pompeo, who openly believes in the rapture, this is when their man in the sky will come down and lift all the true believes up to heaven with him, and leave all those nasty none-believers to rot in hell. No wonder duplicity and insanity reigns in our society, Ah, if only the human was an honest and sane creature, or perhaps we were less gullible. 

A to Z of Religions

Acclaim Arrogant Absolutes.
Bellow Bygone Beliefs.
Casuist Cackling Cabal.
Deadly Divine Dogma.
Embellish Earlier Errors.
Form Fearful Fundamentalists.
Gaily Gabble Gehenna.
Hype Holy Hate.
Ignorantly Idolise Illusion.
Justify Judgmental Jargon.
Knowingly Kindle Kulturkampf.
Lambaste Liberal Learning.
Machiavellian Mind Moulding.
Narrate Nescient Nostrum.
Obligatory Obnoxious Obfuscation.
Peremptory Pestiferous Panjandrum.
Quickly Quell Querists.
Redundant Reactionary Rants.
Suppress Scholastic Scepticism.
Totally Trammel Tolerance.
Ululate Useless Utterances.
Vaticinate Vicious Vengeance.
Wailing Wearisome Waffle.
Extol Excessive Exaltation.
Y? Y? Y?
Zany Zealous Zealots.

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