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        Over the centuries imperialism has left a blood soaked patchwork quilt across the planet. In land after land it is the indigenous people that have to fight hardest just to survive, time and time again they are the downtrodden, marginalised, excluded in the lands they and their forbearers have lived since time immemorial. Usurped, exploited, and all too often facing genocide, while the imperialist colonisers sit on the throne of lands that were never theirs.   
        That vast patch of land known as America and Canada, is ruled by people who came and stole what they wanted and ruthlessly destroyed the lives of the indigenous peoples. Of course the dispossessed are always fighting back and some pay a heavy price for their attempts to gain justice.
The following from AMW/English:
         Statement by the Northwest CNI and the Northwest Regional Resistance and Rebellion Network for the murder of comrade Oscar Eyraud Adams.
September 29, 2020


        On September 24, a commando of more than twelve hit men assassinated the defender of water, land and life Óscar Eyraud Adams, a Kumiai from Tecate, Baja California. The killers moved freely in the territory, entered his house, shot him and fled without being disturbed by anyone.
      Our colleague Óscar Eyraud Adams (originally from the Kumiai community) was a social fighter for the rights of indigenous peoples and in solidarity in national struggles. It currently maintained its actions focused on defense of water and territory. He sought the self-determination of the Kumiai community, and the use of water concessions that had been denied by Conagua. Oscar was willing to fight to achieve it.
      He was assassinated by the Narco Estado in Tecate Baja California. None of this could have happened without the collusion of authorities; the impunity that criminals enjoy can only occur due to the open complicity of society with the government and the owners of money.
      The Kumiai tribe, original inhabitants of these soils, have survived a war of extermination of more than 500 years. They have preserved the traditions, language and knowledge rooted in these lands. Now, they continue to be persecuted by the State, which is uprooting the young people who are fighting for the self-determination of their people, for life and for the territory, since for the narco-state money seems to be the only thing that matters. For large companies there is water, and all the facilities for them to continue fattening their wallets at the expense of our land, while for the Kumiai there are bullets and slander. This is not the first time this has happened. Let us recall the case of Aurora Meza, who was unjustly imprisoned some years ago, a situation that considerably worsened her health, which cost her her life.
      We demand an end to the extermination of the Kumiai tribe, of the defenders of the territory and of life. Since extermination and death is exercised in many ways: sometimes with cowardly bullets as in the case of Oscar, others creating slander, others unjustly putting activists in jail. The denial of the right to water, life and territory are just different forms of the same plan of extermination.

Northwest Indigenous National Congress and
Northwest Regional Network of Resistance and Rebellions
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