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         The continuous drive by the state marches on relentlessly, it drives on its desire to crush any form of dissent, independent living or thought. State after state proceeds with its heavy handed evictions and closure of autonomous spaces, it will take the relentless drive by all independent thinkers and groups to return this savagery back on the perpetrators. If you desire a fair society with freedom of expression, thought and action, then you must get behind those fighting this brutal drive for a subservient population. Perhaps you think that the eviction of a squat doesn't affect you, but it does, it means that in the society that you live, the right to an alternative thought and way of life has been curtailed by brute force, savage action against people who are trying to create that better life for themselves and others, is that the type of society that you can live with?

 The following from 325:

Berlin: Liebig34 is evicted (Germany)
October 12th, 2020
9 October 2020
          It feels incredible to type these words into the keys: The Liebig34 is cleared.
          At 7:00 a.m. Robocops started sawing and flexing fences, doors, windows and barricades and at 11:00 a.m. the last inhabitants* of the Liebig34 were dragged out of the rooms.
          We are sad. We are crying. We are exhausted. WE ARE ANGRY.
          They can‘t imagine the determination they have awakened in us. This act of violence will explode in an act of counter-violence and self-defense. Already so much solidarity has happened in the last nights, months, years and has shown what we are capable of doing. This eviction is a moment of radicalization. We can use it and together we can express our hatred for this shit.
          Even if the press, politicians, cops and Nazis are now taking pleasure in our loss, we are turning powerlessness into anger. So many borders have been crossed. We shout NO in your spiteful eats. You can have our house, you will never get our passion. We are so much more than this house – we are anarchists, feminists, queers and antifascists who will now channel their anger and attack capitalist patriarchy to the last.
         We call for the demo from 21:00 in Monbijoupark. We call for decentralized actions. Let us experience a wild and chaotic October together!
34 million property damage – we are already well on the way.
Liebig34 lives. Liebig34 fights.

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