Wednesday, 14 October 2020


         I keep saying the same thing, because I believe it should be the main focus of our struggle to create that new normal in our favour. This pandemic is an opportunity, and is being used as such, to further the state and capitalism's aims, with a vicious attack on our living standards, an increase in privatisation, shedding of labour, crushing of autonomous spaces, curtailing the voices of the independent thought, crushing dissent, and the creation of a subservient population, that they hope will subdue any mass protests as anger grows over our deteriorating conditions, and ensure their success.
       We have to see the pandemic as our opportunity. We will never beat them by legislation and/or appealing to the various political parties, this whole edifice to finance, that shackles populations to an economy that favours the few, will only be beaten in our communities with mutual aid, in our workplaces by workers control, and on the streets by mass protests that lead to that dramatic revolutionary change in the structure of society in favour of our class, all the people. We abandon the streets at our peril.
The following is an extract from APO Squat-Host:
        Neither with prisons, nor with laws, fascism can be smashed only in the streets.

     -------Seven years after Fyssas death, we are facing the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic and the intensification of State’s and Capital’s attack to the society. The beginning of a new round of pillage of the social base, with main points: labor’s devaluation, the abolition of social insurance, the continuation of privatisations, as also the restructuring of educational system and the criminalisation of syndicalist action. From the normalization of the state emergency through the repression of social and class movements and especially the anarchists/antiauthoritarians, the evictions of squats, the police occupations of entire areas, to the banning of demonstrations and the generalized upgrading of the legislative arsenal against the people of the struggle. From the expansion of war against refugees and migrants and their attempts that aim to their demonization and their extinction from the public space, their incarceration into concentration camps, to the looting of nature, through the activation of capitalist engines of development that destroy local communities, mountains, rivers, lakes, seas and forests, in the name of profit and of their total imposition over humans and nature.
       State’s repression constitutes today the dominant component of State’s policy. This declaration of war against all of those who are struggling, is a part of the systematical attempt of the Greek State to subdue social and class resistances and impose a complete submission for society that goes on for decades. An attempt that was blocked by the massive mobilisations, revolts and struggles over the last years.
        With solidarity as our weapon, let’s continue the counter-attack against state and capitalist brutality. Let’s revitalize social and class resistance. The only real answer against war, nationalism and fascism born and raised by the state and capital, is the organisation of the social and class counter-attack. Without any illusions that the exploitation and repression system can improve, without any illusions that any government can raise a real barrier against fascism, let’s fight together from below, with internationalist and class solidarity as our weapon. Let’s struggle together, locals and migrants, workers and students, for the construction of a society of equality, justice, solidarity and freedom.
       We do not forget Pavlos Fyssas assassination on September 18, 2013 at Keratsini. We do not forget the assassinations of S. Luqman, Al. Grigoropoulos, Zak Kostopoulos and P. Zifle

 The current text was written before the Golden Dawn’s trial on 8th of October 2020.

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