Monday, 5 October 2020


        Yea, I'm saying it again, Covid19 has been, and still is, the greatest opportunity in a generation for our corporate big boys and those hellbent on privatisation. While the corporate beast slashes away at working conditions and wages, and they gobble up billions of our taxpayers money as a wee helping hand from their friendly government, the privateer mob have been busy grabbing contracts from the NHS via a privatisation oriented government. Just one example, millions spent on crap test and trace contract jamborees, all handed to friends and buddies of the powers that be. If there is taxpayers money to be got rest assured the corporate world will be ahead of the queue with the NHS far down the line, even if it is their field of expertise.
          Not to be out done, your friendly neighbourhood dentist is in there with the grabbing fist. Needing some treatment for that tooth problem, want treated on the NHS, wait outside in the rain, but go private, please have a seat, the dentist will see you shortly. Of course there will be excuses, regulations, costs etc. but that doesn't help your toothache if you wish it to be treated on the NHS.
The following from The Herald:

      MORE dentists in Scotland are refusing to treat NHS patients than in England, dental leaders say, leaving many struggling to access even basic check-ups.
       An investigation by the Herald found there is wide variation across Scotland and some confusion over what treatments dentists can or are willing to provide if patients are not private due to the impact of coronavirus.
      Currently only emergency ‘aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) can be provided on the NHS, which for example involve the use of a drill, but there does not seem to be consensus on what treatments are permitted.
        More procedures are available privately because dentists are not governed by the same sanctions and dentists’ leaders say they are able to recoup the costs of enhanced PPE and other safeguards.
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