Sunday, 11 October 2020

EU Camp.

          In this complex matrix of finance, resources, nationalism, borders, corporate powers, trade deals, arms industry and wars, it is easy to get lost in the political debate of cause and effect. However if we step outside the standard narrative of the powers that be, it is really quite simple. 99% of all the ills that plague the people of this planet can simply be laid at the door of the economic system that prevails and corrupts all our lives. A system of exploitation and greed, with power and privilege for the few. A system that through its power-blocks, borders and wars, spawns migrants, poverty, misery, deprivation, homelessness, and paints a distorted picture of those fleeing the systems inevitable painful and brutal results. All backed up by a propaganda machine that bellows the poisonous illusion that migrants are a danger to our way of life, our culture and are just risking death across thousands of dangerous miles, to get on our benefits system and take advantage of our wonderful social services. Though those locals who live on those benefits and rely on those social service, could tell them that it is not worth crossing the road for them, let alone half the world.

Lesvos. Greece. A statement by some of the Enough collective, who are on Lesvos at the moment.
Published by Enough 14.
         Once again some of the Enough 14 collective are on the Balkan route, where Europe’s true face comes to the surface. This time we are on Lesvos, the island that showed Fortress Europe’s ugly face through the inhuman Moria camp. Apart from the lost of the very few belongings of its inhabitants, the fear and the suffering in the new camp, its actually not a bad thing when an inhuman camp like Moria burned down.
        Many things have been said about the outer borders of the European Union, it should be clear by now that the dying in the Mediterranean Sea, the repression, pushbacks, imprisonment and suffering on the Balkan route are designed and therefore deliberate policies.
       After the fire in Moria the conditions for refugees on Lesvos, became even worse. People were forced to go into the new camp, where there is no running water, only one meal per day, insufficient sanitary facilities, a lack of about anything. On top of that authorities banned the distribution of food and water outside of the camp. The repression against refugees and people who support them is growing fast. Greek authorities claim they are investigating 33 people from four different NGO’s for the formation of a criminal association and Espionage. In reality they are inverstigated because they support refugees.
      On Lesvos the cops are everywhere. Harassing refugees and people who support them. To get an idea what happens when people try to distribute food or water to refugees, it can happen that you get chased by Delta cops on motor bikes. A wild pursue through Mytilene for distributing food or water to people in need. Welcome to Europe 2020.
     Were not wondering about the systematic repression, it’s the logical consequence of a system against life. What is wondering us, is the starry-eyed understanding of the system were living in. The European Union and its member states were never about solidarity. Its a capitalist economic union and therefore its always about money and its competative position in the capitalist order. Human rights are sometimes useful to use as a PR measure, but normally they don’t play a role in everyday politics in the European Union. The capitalist order is the reason that people are forced to leave their homes. Trade treaties at the expense of the global South, arms exports, the growing climate catastrophe, and the wars that the EU and its member states support with their “peace” missions. In other words, the capitalist way of life and its colonialized structures are systematicly producing refugees.
        Colonialism was never away, it has only changed its face. Our rulers know that their colonial policies will produce more and more refugees. That’s why they designed Fortress Europe, its a cruel attempt to scare-off people from coming to Europe. The result of this deliberate policies are tens of thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. As a consequence our rulers did not open safe routes for refugees, but instead started a wave of repression against sea rescue operations. And yet people are appealing to the people that are responsible for this structural mess, to make it a bit more human. Although its obvious that the European borders policies are designed to keep a Europe for the Europeans.
       As long as there is an starry-eyed understanding of the colonizisation policies of the European Union and its member states, which have always meant death and oppression, as long as we don’t fight the capitalist order with all consequences, we will not be able to put an end to Europe’s border policies. We have to unite our struggles and instead of asking for reforms, we must put an end to authoritarian capitalist rule.

Connecting struggles!
Smash the capitalist death machine!

Solidarity with the defendants of the Brennero trial!
Solidarity with the comrades struggling against the Nea Demokratia Mafia!
Solidarity with Liebig 34, Terra Incognita, Notara 26 and Danny stays!
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