Sunday, 14 February 2010


     The state of California recently reached a total of 700 people on death row It is astounding that a state within what is supposed to be the leader of the "free democratic world" can have 700 people lined up for execution, judicial murder. California now has more than twice as many death row prisoners than the so called “death” state of Texas, which had 331 as of January 11th. Florida, the state with the second largest number of death row prisoners, has 391 as of January 13th. almost half that of California.
     In these three states alone, there are 1422 people waiting to be executed by the USA. These figures are appalling and are showing an increase. In California the number of death sentences increased by 50% for 2009 compared to the last few years. Add to these figures the fact that America has more of its people locked up per head of population than any other country in the entire world and you begin to see the shape of that society. Of course the vast majority of all prisoners including those on death row come from the poorest section of the community. Even a blind greed drive politician can surely see this as disproportionate and also there must be a link between poverty and violence. These figures are not just a blip of statistics, it is probably no coincidence that the prison system in America is big business and there is money to be made from the incarceration of people, so no doubt this merciless medieval behaviour will continue to rise until we put an end to this whole greed driven, unjust, barbaric system under which we live.

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