Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Save Otago Lane from the greed of gentrification. Smile:)

Dear all,

As you all may or may not know we are planning a 'gathering' on saturday (27th) in order to get a photo with as many people as possible crammed into the lane, hopefully at least 244...We would love for you to join us, this is an opportunity to hopefully talk to many of the interested people out there about how they can help show their objection to the proposed development and we would be very happy for anyone to hand out information of a similar nature and/or join in a small amount of speech making.
We aim to meet from 12 o'clock for around an hour/hour and a half and anyone who wishes to help out with ushering people around would also be very welcome - get in touch with Martin at Tchai ovna.
Hope you can make it, feel free to get in touch for further info,    Shuna

As gentrifiction moves in, history, character and people power move out, public space becomes private space.

ann arky's home. 

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