Thursday, 11 February 2010


   While the various governments make belly rumbling noises about climate change and carbon footprints, continually telling us how they are trying to save the planet by giving you cheap roof insulation etc. and at the same time asking you to turn your thermostat down one degree, only boil enough water for one cup of tea, and walk or cycle to work. What they never discuss is the carbon footprint of war. War is probably the highest carbon footprint of any human activity. However it is a policy of keep quiet about that one. War is big business, war helps the economy, war creates jobs, war puts billions of tax payers money into the coffers of  big business, war is the state's biggest business. Think of the waste of transporting and maintaining thousands of personnel half way across the globe, armed to the teeth and continually exploding millions of tons of armaments and replacing them, at the same time destroying the infrastructure of some poor country and in the process killing thousands of innocent, old and young people. While in the same breath, saying we can't afford care for the elderly, nursery places for the young and affordable housing for all.

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