Sunday, 14 February 2010


     It is up to you.
The only way for this plan to work is for the message to be spread. The idea is for everyone in the world to know about the strike by the summer of 2012. Then, within a very short time, a new moneyless system will be brought about that will change the world completely.
FIRST: Ask in conversation whether the person you're speaking to would like the idea of a world where money does not exist; where everything is free; a world without rich or poor; where all human needs are met by society working together as a whole; a world without boundaries, people living together in peace and harmony.
      Most people will say yes. Basically, probably all human beings are anarchists at heart. But, they will say, it wouldn’t be impossible.
NEXT: Tell them about the Strike for a Moneyless World in 2012. If they like the idea, tell them to tell their friends. Those friends will tell others, and by the year 2012 everyone on the planet will know, and decide whether they are for or against the idea.
You might make copies of this flyer -


If you agree that the abolition of money would be a fine solution to most of our problems, and that we could create a much better system where EVERYTHING - food and drink, clothing and housing, water, heating, education,health-care and entertainment - shall be FREE for EVERYONE - why not join the World-Wide Strike on the opening day of the Olympic Games in 2012?
The Strike will begin the moment the symbolic Olympic flame is lit - the signal for all who support the abolition of money to stop work and demand a new fair world of true freedom and justice.

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  1. Why not investigate and make up your own mind. Are you an honest person, are you a good person?

  2. I like the idea of money-less economy. But how will one day strike bring this change?

    Money is controlled by the central bank. It is a private bank. Why do you think the owners of this bank will give up?

    Note that the government is under control of the central bank. Government cannot bring changes. Political system and the economic systems are independent; in the sense that you can vote president out of office every four years, but you cannot vote central bank out of the country. You cannot nationalize it.

    Money power is very strong. Millions of people in the government and in the economy are protecting the central bank.

    Most people in the government and in the economy do not know that the central bank is a private bank. Most of us do not know that only central bank can print money and it is free for the central bank to do so. If the money is free for the central bank then it should be free for all of us. In this sense we actually have a free-money economy now.

    But the central bank has forced us to pay it back, causing debt, deficit, taxation, poverty all over the world. The central bank has taken us hostage.

    I cannot see how one day strike will remove the money power. However, it will become known all over the world and that is good.

    It should be told also that we will all work free for the country for forty hours a week as we are doing it now, but free of salary. Government will track this 40 hour number by computer and credit cards. The credit cards will have this 40 hours on it. If you do not work things will not be free for you. No free work means no free food and shelter.

  3. I don't for one minute think that a one day strike will achieve the end of money, but I do believe that it might get people thinking of alternative ways of doing things and I will always back those who try to change the world for the benefit of all the ordinary people. There are alternatives to the present economic system, what's wrong with trying to get people to discuss them.

  4. i've been trying to search for information on what kind of strike is exactly being called for here. what do people who want to join in do? stop using money? withdraw all their money from the banks and burn it?

  5. I suppose the type of society would depend on those who take part, I don't think it is up to somebody to lay down the grand plan. The numbers will decide the direction and shape. The aim would obviously be to change society away from corporate control and the drive for profit. How that might be achieved would depend on those invlved.