Sunday, 10 March 2013

It Is World Wide Class War.

        On reading the following article I found it hard to believe that the writer was not writing about the UK. The evaporation of private sector jobs by out sourcing, the destruction of unions and collective bargaining, the demonising of public sector workers and the demolition of social services etc.. Of course it was just a momentary lapse, for I am well aware that this assault on the living standards of the ordinary people is not just a UK event. This is a Western capitalist strategy to extract the last drop of profit from the people to further their own greed. A determined effort to create a Western capitalist sweatshop empire to compete with their Eastern sweatshop competitor. Like the article says, this is not something that is unavoidable, it is not following some immutable laws of nature. It is a man made ideology that is being rigorously pursued by people, people with an aim, to enrich themselves and their cabal of millionaires and billionaires at the expense of you and I. The class war is now fully on the world stage. You could say it is World War 3.
This extract from the article by Andy Piascik in the Connecticut Post, 
       The destruction of good-paying private-sector jobs and the current assault on the public sector is further evidence of the failure of capitalism. In many ways, this is a historical epoch as we witness the utter bankruptcy of a system where the global super-rich have bled the people dry and now seek to gut what remains of the public sector. Those efforts are being met with tremendous resistance, however, as millions work together in search of a better way.
Perhaps most instructive is the burgeoning cooperative movement where workers and communities make do without owners or bosses and instead produce cooperatively based on need. Such workplaces are mainstays in places as diverse as Argentina and Greece and shine much-needed light on how people around the world might free themselves from the clutches of corporate predators.
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