Monday, 18 March 2013

Give Us Yir Money!!!

         What a fantastic con the EU financial Mafia have come up with this time. To save the busted banks in Cyprus from going belly-up and their shareholders losing out, they have decided to take a 6% to 10% slice off the customers money held in the banks and in return give the customer that amount of shares in a busted bank. Can you imagine say Tesco going bust, and to try and save it, the company slapped a 6% to 10% charge on your grocery bill to help to save the company and its shareholders? The banks are private companies with greedy shareholders, nothing more and nothing less. The financial Mafia rule, they do and say what they want and governments jump through the hoops. But it is you and I that suffer, OK, this is Cyprus, but what makes you think that if they can get away with it there, they wont see it as an excellent method of greater plunder of the public purse elsewhere. A wee trial run in a wee country to test the water? As well as getting your money via the government, they can go straight to your bank account. It saves all that delay and bureaucracy of tax collecting.
      Take a look around you, your standard of living is in rapid decline, yet  public money is flowing like a river in spate, into the coffers of the billionaire cabal that go to make up the Financial Mafia, why? Well simply to save them from losing out, they don't want to mark-down their ill-gotten wealth, so they will make good their loses from you and I. We are there to make sure that the pampered army of parasites are kept in the lap of luxury. Ah, capitalism, it's a wonderful system, if you're a leech, or a parasite, but not much cop if your just an ordinary citizen trying to get on with your life. Well, you know the answer to that, change the system. You are many, they are few----.

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