Saturday, 9 March 2013

Time For Your Righteous Anger.

       As usual the anger of the people across Europe at the slashing of their standard of living, goes more or less unreported in our babbling brook of bullshit that passes for mainstream media. Week in week out some where in Europe people are on the street displaying their disgust and anger at the corruption of the puppet governments of the financial Mafia. The message from the bullshit factory is that everything is going fine and the people realise that they have to make sacrifices. The reality is that the people are aware of the smoke and mirrors of the corrupt political careerists and the financial Mafia, that awareness is backed up by anger. Anger that should, with justification, explode and drive this economic system that favours the parasites to the dustbin of history. There is an old Korean saying that fits the moment,
"Enjoy the ecstasy of your righteous anger."
Just one of the many, and for those who rely on the babbling brook of bullshit and missed it:

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