Thursday, 14 March 2013

State Sponsored Uniformed Thugs.

       The Greek police have now descended to new low level of callous brutality, and what is more is that it is with the blessing of the Greek government and the judiciary. It seems to be accepted that if you are arrested you will be beaten, the state has put intimidation into full throttle and the police are obliging. This depressing article from Borderline Reporters should be made as widely available as possible. This is Europe, not some far flung despot state, this is how the state deals with any form of resistance when it feels threatened.

     Recently, however, this controversial practice was taken to a new level. The Police published photos of four youths arrested on robbery and terrorism charges.

drastes before
Three of those arrested, as presented in the first set of images released by the Police
  When reporters and members of the public pointed out that the photos had evidently been photoshopped, and rather crudely for that matter, the Police finally released several unaltered photos of those arrested. In the second set of photos, it was revealed they had been brutally beaten.
The same three, in the second set of images
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