Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Muggers In Nice Suits.

       The EU has never been about democracy, it has always been about the corporate and financial Mafia. However, it is becoming ever more obvious that they openly threaten any attempt at democracy, first with the appointment of “technocrats” to run countries over the head of the elected governments. Now, in Cyprus, they have gone into a full frontal attack on what shreds of democracy we thought were left. Now they are just going in and taking the savers money and handing it to the banks to help them sort out their self inflicted problems, also the IMF is insisting that the “deal” is not subject to a parliamentary vote. Even if it was, they would simply demand another vote until they got what they wanted. By no stretch of the imagination can responsibility for a banks problems be pinned on those who handed the bank their savings to look after for them. I believe this was an attempt to get their hands on the Russian billions in the Cyprus banks. Of course most of that will already have gone. The Cyprus banks have branches in London, and they were working normally during this little plundering exercise. So I have no doubt that the "oligarchs" will have been on the phone making the necessary arrangements to shift the loot to some other safe haven.
      It is difficult to see the difference between a saver withdrawing their money, walking outside and getting mugged, and leaving their money in the bank and having it snatched by the financial Mafia. While this mugging is going on, I hope there is nobody out there who believes that what the people say will make one iota of a difference. Now that we know that the EU is destroying what illusions of democracy that we had in Europe, will those who take up arms to defend European democracy, be labelled “freedom fighters” or “terorists”?
      It is obvious that the financial sector is one large, rich man's gamling casino, and those who lend to habitual gamblers, the bond market, must be expected to take the consequences when their favourite gambler loses, To insist that others outside the casino should be held responsible for those losses, must be labelled some sort of protection racket. The financial Mafia of the EU is a law unto itself, it takes no heed of elected governments, no heed of the consequences on the people who are driven to deprivation by their financial plundering. Cyprus is joining Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal are just a little behind, but catching up.
    Any individuals in the UK who are under an illusion that it can't happen here are in for a rude awakening. It already is, on top of all the cuts to social spending, slave labour through workfare, there is Quantitative Easing, making and circulating Mickey Mouse money, which is currency debasing, lowering its value, and the government has started looking at letting inflation, (prices) rise. All this adds up to the money in your pocket will buy less next month than it did this month, wages are stagnant, benefits are cut, this is poverty by increments. It is a downward spirral for the ordinary people ,while the millionaires/billionaires stuff the coffers with our wealth. They call it representative capitalist democracy, it is indeed no more than one big CON.

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