Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Advance of the Soldier-less War.

     War is always a brutal nightmare, but the rapid advancement of the "soldier-less war" takes us into the realms of some science fiction horror movie. The idea of states controlling vast swaths of the planet by a bunch of youngsters sitting in a comfortable office near their home, in front of their console, boringly doing their 9-to-5 job, must be the nightmare of nightmares. Brutal death and devastation administered from a swivel-chair in an air conditioned office by people who have no conception of the death and destruction that they are implementing. It separates real bloodshed and death from the reality of those administering the devastation.
This appeal from Stop The War Coalition:

  Ground the Drones - sign the petition
    Stop Britain being a launchpad for killer drones. We call on the government to abandon the use of drones as a weapon of war.
     Signed by: Chris Cole (Drone Campaign Network); Jeremy Corbyn (MP for Islington North); Lindsey German (Convenor, Stop the War Coalition); Kate Hudson (CND); Rafeef Ziahdah (War On Want).
This spring, the UK will double its number of armed Reaper drones in Afghanistan and will for the first time begin operating drones over Afghanistan from a new facility at RAF Waddington near Lincoln.
    CND, Drone Campaign Network, Stop the War Coalition, War on Want and others will protest against the drones at RAF Waddington, Lincoln on the 27 April.

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