Monday, 4 March 2013

We Can Do It Ourselves.

       DIY is a well known phrase but our answer to the problems of this type of society that we live in, is DIO Do It Ourselves. We can work together to create communities that can work in federation with other like-minded communities. The ordinary people have all the skills and imagination necessary to build and sustain healthy, just and happy environments. We don't need a bunch of power hungry parasites to tell us what is best for us, why should we believe a group of egotistical arrogant political careerists that tell us that to control our lives is too difficult, so we should leave that part to them. It is our lives, it is our world.
We are the ones who knead and yet we have no bread,
we are the ones who dig for coal and yet we are cold.
We are the ones who have nothing,
and we are coming to take the world.
~ Tassos Livaditis (Greek poet, 1922-1988)
This from Edible City:

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