Thursday, 21 March 2013

The "Shock and Awe" System.

     France and the UK, we know have special forces in Syria helping the "Free Syrian Army", the same two countries are puffing themselves up to start shipping arms into the cauldron of slaughter that is Syria today. This would be shipping Western aid to AL-Qaeda, as anybody with half an eye knows that is who the real fighting force is that is taking on the Assad regime. Assad, like all state rulers, is no democrat, but he did tolerate other religions in the country. It is  said that come Easter in the Syrian city Aleppo the streets of the city are alive to the clatter of wooden crosses being dragged across the cobbles as the Christian community openly celebrate that particular festival. With France and the UK's help that tradition will in all probability be wiped out, if the "Free Syrian Army" win this slaughter, and the Syrian Christians, like the Iraqi Christians of the last decade, will have to flee across some other border.
      Western hypocrisy is no shrinking violet, it is blatant, callous and brutal, from aiding and training the Taliban in Afghanistan, to fighting and killing the Taliban in Afghanistan, from fighting Al-qaeda, to supporting and arming Al-qaeda.  All this to further the power of the Western (dollar) Empire. Sadly it is the ordinary people that are killed in their millions to further that power. Ordinary people from the West sent to slaughter innocent people who are just like them, drivers, teachers, engineers, office workers, factory workers, etc.. Nowhere in the ranks sent to do the dirty work of killing will you fund the real beneficiaries of all this slaughter, the corporate millionaires.
    Listening to Tony Blair talking about removing Saddam from Iraq and watching the video of Baghdad, a large modern city, at the receiving end of "Shock and Awe", watching a city being pulverised and then a country's infrastructure being totally destroyed, on the pretext of removing a dictator, leaves you with a sick feeling in your stomach. Looking at Iraq today it is obvious that the medicine was worse than the disease.
      Western capitalism is totally and completely ruthless, countries can be bombed and blasted back to the stone age, as we do in the Middle East, or they can be destroyed by the financial Mafia wing of the same system, as in Greece, with others to follow. There is no golden horizon in capitalism for the ordinary people of this world, they will always be the foot soldiers of the millionaire class as it continues its quest for ever greater power and wealth. In their book, death and destruction is a price worth paying, if it protects and furthers their hold on the world's resources.
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