Monday, 18 March 2013

Workers Know Your History, - The Paris Commune.

        An anniversary that shouldn't go unnoticed, March, 18, 1871 the workers of Paris along with some mutinous National Guardsmen took control of the city and started to build their new world. It has become known as The Paris Commune, or The Commune of Paris, sadly it only lasted until May, 28, 1871. A few months when a desperate grasp for freedom by the people had a tenuous hold. For this attempt at realising a better world, the power of reaction came down hard. The end of May, 1871 saw the streets of Paris run as rivers of blood as the authorities slaughtered in excess of 30,000 people in the city of Paris. For those few months, the workers ruled their own lives, made their own decisions, lived the dream they carried in their hearts. This is something that an authoritarian society will not tolerate at any price, and the price the workers of Paris paid was high indeed. The Paris Commune was probably the first real attempt, by the workers to take control of their own lives, since the start of the industrial age. I'm sure it will not be the last, that dream is still carried in our hearts.

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  1. Not "some" National Guardsmen, but a bunch of them... They were workers at that times, coming from the People, that's what scared that much the government...