Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Short Break.

      I have my sister and her husband arriving from Canada for a few weeks, so my ranting may be sparse or absent during that time. I want to show them little gems of our beautiful country. In the meantime, just a fleeting thought.

The Vision.

In youth the future was so bright
a vision so near, so easy to see.
There was no guns
there was no wars,
the glow of love had banished night
my brothers and sisters all were free.

Peace and love replaced competition
in the future everybody was my friend.
There was no greed
there was no hunger,
each child blossomed free from exploitation,
to abuse another we could not comprehend.

Time and age has made the light so feint,
in the darkness it's hard to find my way.
Was it a dream
was it a vision
shall I ask Hope which path she meant,
tell me lady, where and why did I go astray?

In this accursed darkness I can no longer see,
dare I ask the strangers, are you still my friends.
Was there a way
did I fail to fight,
in the distance are my brothers free
or is the accursed darkness where it ends?

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  1. All the best to you and your people.

  2. Thanks, though it will be hard not to shout my mouth off at the way things are going.