Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Capitalism The Executioner.

       A thousand times or more, you have walked from A to B, and waved your banner, you have shouted your slogans, you have listened to their speeches. Then you have gone home and waited for the next election, guess what, it has changed nothing. The capitalist beast is still in there exploiting, repressing, enslaving and plundering the earth's resources to the point of destruction, our planet is dyeing from a human greed inflicted wound. The rich and powerful, who don't give a shit about you or the planet, get richer and more powerful, the corporations and the financial Mafia have made puppets of national governments, you are fodder for their greed machine. So is the plan, to continue to march from A to B, continue to wave your banner, continue to shout the latest slogan, continue to listen to their speeches and then wait for the next election? They say that one sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing but expecting a different result. Surely we are not all insane?
      We have to organise outside the system, we have to circumvent its rules, we have to try to live the alternative to their mantra of greed and perpetual growth. To abide by the rules of your executioner, is to accept certain death. Capitalism is the executioner of the planet. Our existence depends on the death of capitalism.

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