Saturday, 20 June 2015

The NHS Is Doomed.

    Just out of hospital, and before I start my ranting, I would like to thank all those well-wishers who sent their thoughts and good wishes my way. Thanks to Mick, Ben, Anne, Keith, Roger, Nick, Euan, John, Janice, and others that slip my mind at the moment, thanks a million, see you all soon.
       During my recent misfortune of spending a spell in hospital, during which period I had plenty of empty time to observe and think. My conclusions were that the NHS is “doomed” , no ifs, no buts, no doubts, its is doomed. No matter which particular colour of tie you vote into those Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, that rests on the banks of the Thames, it's doomed. All they do is follow the dictate of their lords and masters, the financial Mafia, which will allow the to modify the pace at which it will hit the buffers. 
      It is not the employees that are at fault, from my experiences I would say they are a dedicated and compassionate bunch. When you see a young person walking calmly and serenely done the ward with a pleasant smile, while carrying a cardboard container of somebody else's shit, and carrying it as if it were a bouquet of wild flowers, you kind of know, they will be there for you. That's not to say that the collapse will not be related in some way to the staff problems. Speaking to some of the nursing staff, it appears that some arsehole, has devised a scheme whereby nursing staff can work four 12 hour shifts in a row, with two days off, and then another two 12 hour shifts. Tell me how you can keep your dedication, compassion, attention to detail and concentration at 100% during those hours of work. Also what happens to you social life? It can't be done. Stressed, pissed off and over worked staff, will leave and be replaced by more to be trained all over again, or they will put up with it and be forced to work at a lower level of concentration.
      However, that is not where the foundations will be eroded, it is the economic system under which the NHS is supposed to live and thrive. Every item that comes into the NHS, from MRI scanner to Aspirin, only comes in if there is a profit for some large corporation. If the profit starts to disappear the goods will not come, or the price will go up. This continual squeezing profit from the NHS will eventually make it unsustainable.
       All those caring and hard working individuals that rally under the banner, “Save Our NHS”, who are you appealing to? Once you have your mass following, who will you be appealing to, to save our NHS? You will be appealing to a cabal of very rich lawyers, CEO, millionaires, and products from the Oxbridge sausage factory. Most of whom will not use the NHS, they'll be with BUPA or some other private health care corporation, and further more, a high percentage of them will have interests in private health care companies. Basically, they don't give a shit about your NHS, in actual fact a lot of them will gain immensely when it is finally sliced and diced among their corporate buddies. Do you think they will listen?
       The economic system under which we live will kill of the NHS. As costs rise and the system creaks more and more, the cry will go up from the greed brigade of the corporate world. that its only hope is to bring in private companies to make it more efficient. That which was once the NHS will be neatly sliced and dished out to the corporate buddies of the scum that comes out of the Oxbridge sausage factory. The only hope of saving the NHS, is to change the economic system under which we bleed. 
      So to all those marching under the “Save Our NHS” banner, why not have a bonfire of those banners and create a new one. A banner under which we can all gather, “Let's Change The Economic System”. Not only will you save our NHS, but you will save our libraries, our schools, our parks and public spaces, you could create an excellent transport infrastructure, end the housing shortage, and shape our villages, towns and cities they we the people want them.
       See you all soon under the banner, “Let's Change The Economic System”.
       For a wee glimpse at those sitting in those Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption and their sweaty fingers in the private health care profit machine, CLICK HERE. This list is a year out of date but it is still relevant.
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