Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Rule Book Hasn't Been Written Yet.

       The babbling brook of bullshit that is our mainstream media, always frames any discussion on our future in the language of economics. As long as we accept that frame of reference, we have lost the argument. If we desire a society of justice, freedom and equality of opportunity, we will not find it in balance sheets, we will not find it in a set of calculations devised by accountants. We have to step out of their frame of references and start our calculations based on humanity and the needs of each other. The rule book of their normality must be shredded, we have to move forward creating our own normality and it will always be a transient normality, as our humanity and needs evolve. Our normality must never become a "tradition". It must always be alive, evolving, untrammelled, flowing, guided only by our humanity and justice. We can't assume the right to lay down the rules for future generations, that is their job and their job alone.

The following is a short extract from an article in Inter Arma, though it is referring to the situation in Greece, it equally applies anywhere in the capitalist world:
--------There, then, where some see an opportunity, because of the economic crisis, we see a trap. A trap of sinking in the swamp of confusion, of fantasies about the social “good” deriving from Marxist analysis, of certainties about revolutionary subjects, of economism.
First of all, the global crisis we are experiencing today is not just a crisis of numbers, financial figures and mathematics, but part of the overall crisis of values ​​and conscience in the world of authority. It is the cannibalistic crisis of western lifestyle which after it grew big consuming blood and oil from the “underdeveloped”, it now feeds from the flesh. Today, the “developed world” not only lives in the grip of economic tyranny, but also in the desert of spiritual and emotional bankruptcy.
       Unlike the Marxists and their “anarchist” great-grandchildren, who want to interpret life with the rationality of mathematics, we seek our liberation inside the blasts of a permanent existential revolt of relations, situations, values, morals, and everyday life.
        Even the economy, which is the center of the tedious analysis of the communists, for us it is not a series of ordered numbers leading to the equation of the class struggle. Instead, the economy is, first and foremost, a hierarchical social relationship that speaks the language of money. Money is a symbol of accumulated power. It is a property title that owns objects, land, time, admiration, relationships, people. The anarchist challenge, then, cannot be trapped in the demand for “better wages”, “lower taxes”, “economic equality”… One cannot destroy the morality of property by making it equal and uniform to all.
        The experiment of communist totalitarian regimes spawned monsters, dictatorships of the proletariat and obedient subjects. One cannot exorcise ugliness with a new ugliness, simply by changing the name to something more “social” and imagining that through the “anti-imperialist struggle”, the country won’t become a “modern colony “.
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